Placing an Order:

Our creation process is a labor of love; upholding our quality and standard is important to us. If you need 40 or more candies, please place your order 3 days in advance of your delivery date. Any orders made outside of this timeframe may be cancelled. If you're unsure, please feel free to email us. 

When checking out, don't forget to choose your delivery date as this is the date we will use to prepare your order. 

If you have a particular theme or want further customizations, please leave us a note on the checkout page.  

Monthly Ordering Limits: 

We do track orders as they are placed and depending on volume of orders, we may not accept additional orders for that particular month. If that happens, you will find that certain products will be 'sold out' on the website but they will be available again at the start of the next month! 

We will be more flexible during peak seasons; i.e. Valentines, Easter and Christmas.

Adjustments & Cancellations:

Before you place your order, please be sure about the number of candies you need. Once your order is placed, you cannot decrease your candy order size. If you need to increase your candy order, please place another order and reference your existing order on the checkout page.

We do allow adjustments to candy color scheme and/or theme but we ask that you notify us of these adjustments within 24 hours of placing your order. After such time, no adjustments can be made unless your event date is a minimum of one month out from your date of purchase.

We are flexible with delivery date changes but please notify us as soon as possible if your delivery date needs to change.  


All of our candy is made to order and our creation process is time-consuming and labor intensive, therefore, we do not issue refunds. We are happy to apply your funds to a future order.

Contact Us:

Please email us for any questions you may have: orders@kandykoated.bm

Social Media:

Follow and tag us on social media: @kandykoatedbdaWe love seeing our customers with our products!